Vector Batik Seamless Pattern in Inkscape

Inkscape Tutorial How to Make a Seamless Batik Pattern Fill Using Inkscape

This tutorial will show you how to make a seamless tileable batik pattern fill using Inkscape. To know how to make a pattern that would seamlessly tileable is important in any vector graphic software, in this case I'm using Inkscape. I know there are many websites out there which provide any kinds of vector tileable patterns for free to use and download, but when it comes to a custom pattern, and it's hard to find elsewhere on internet, well you need to get your hands dirty making one for you. If you can't make one, of course you could contact me for making one for you *cough-selfpromotion-cough*.

Ok, lets start finding some batik pattern on google for the reference. My pick was on this batik pattern. I don't really know where this batik pattern was originated from, but from google search, it says batik Solo, so I'm guessing it's one of batik that was originated from Solo, also know as …

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