Digital Illustration Using Krita

An Overview on Digital Illustration Using Krita 

Ok... so I've heard about Krita for quite sometime, but at that time I was still comfortable using Firealpaca. Not until I switch my OS to Elementary Loki. There is no linux version for Firealpaca (at this moment of writing), which in the end "force" me to switch and use other digital painting software that should be reliable in linux. And then this is where I remember about Krita, an open source painting program running in multiplatform operating systems. Next thing is I downloaded Krita and start using it for doing digital illustration works.

Coming from Firealpaca where there aren't so many settings like in Krita (brush engine), I was a little bit overwhelmed, but also amazed in the same time. To fill in the blanks, I watched some tutorials in youtube about Krita basic usage. But the best teacher to learn enything is to experience it, and try it out yourself, and so I did.

This pop-up menu in Krita really helped m…

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