Logo Design Iteration in Inkscape

Here are some logo iterations I made for this Mall in Cibinong. This logo design iterations were supposed to give a new fresh and modern feel over the first old logo, which is the first logo on the left.

After some discussion with one of the superior employee, we feel that the logo needs to be simplified but without losing to much of the old half butterfly shape. Well, I did the first logo, which is the one on the left in the above image, it works ok with full color, but not really well when used in mono tone color. So, by the end of the day, the discussion ended with the need of new simplified logo.

This time I had more time to explore the logo design concepts. Tweak the designs so that it will work better either in full color or in mono tone / black and white color. Then come up with the last logo design (on the right).

The middle logo design was, I called it  'transition' logo from old to new logo design. The actual sketches and logo iterations are actually more than three…

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